How To Spice Up Your Backyard

Is your garden in need of some loving?  Fortunately, getting your lawn putting its best self forward doesn’t really need a lot of time nor a big budget.

1. Tidying up:
Weeding and thin out your garden, prune back branches, deadhead any faded out of bloom flowers and remove any overgrown plants. The result will surprise you at how much better your garden will look after a little tidying up; moreover, how it can give you a fresh perspective on what to do next with your newly discovered space.

2. Mulch
Mulch is a very efficient way to feed your garden well also providing a nice dark, uniform background for your vegetation this will make the green foliage stand out much more. The best option for your soil and plants is a bio or composted mulch. Not only does it keep moisture in the soil, but it provides nutrients and improves the soil’s water-holding capacity.

Tip: Avoid mulch that is coloured as they will visually conflict your garden and draw too much attention with the rest of your garden. Furthermore, mulch should settle into the background not be a feature.

3. Adding new plants
Adding a few new plants to your garden is a great way to revitalise the space – and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. When choosing new plants, it’s important to pick a theme so the garden doesn’t look visually chaotic and disconnected.
Soil preparation is also key. Cultivate the soil before planting and make sure it’s fluffy. This will give your new plants a great start.

Also be sure to purchase quality plants from a reputable nursery. Check the plant stock looks healthy and that roots are not pot-bound. And from a visual perspective, remember that less is more.

4. Sharpen those lines 
Clean lines will instantly modernise your garden. Trim hedges flat using an electric trimmer or manual shears, rather than letting them undulate naturally.
Sharp lines will add a contemporary look to your lawn too, he says. .If you have an organically shaped grass area, use grass sods cut with a square spade to give the area a more rectangular shape.

5. Update your outdoor furniture
A dated outdoor furniture setting or one that’s in poor condition can detract from your garden’s good looks. And with many of us using our outdoor ‘rooms’ as additional living spaces for months at a time, a contemporary new sofa or dining table could be a practical investment.

You’ll find so many styles nowadays – take your pick from furniture in all-weather wicker, aluminium, recycled plastics and mixed timber and upholstery.

Look for quality, water-resistant pieces that will cope with the weather. Seek out simple and timeless shapes and neutral colours such as black or white that will go with most architectural styles.

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