Tips for keeping your Garden

Gardening pulling out unwanted weeds

When approaching the war on weeds the first thing we need to be able to do is find the time to do this somethings that you made need to consider are:

  • Get a schedule going, the most active times of the year for weeds which will require the most attention are spring and autumn, so put aside a weekend during both of these seasons to get on top of the intruding weeds.
  • You will need to then follow up with some further smaller weed control, once every couple of months through the summer and winter.
  • At a bare minimum cut the tops off flowers as this will stop the spread.
  • Where you strip away weeds, don’t leave the area bare, plant other vegetation as they will block out light and make it harder for the weeds to grow back, you can also add weed matting at your garden bed, organic mulch or lawn mowing clippings work perfect for your garden as they block the light for weeds to grow but also hold the moisture and are high in nutrients.
  • Be careful what you bring on to your property, mulch, straw, soil even borrowed machinery such as spades and wheelbarrows can all harbour weed seeds for species you may not have on your property.
  • Learn to enjoy it, as it is great physical exercise and can be very rewarding!

If you’re overwhelmed there is help to get you on top of things, to a place where you can at least take the power back. Contact us at West Auckland Lawn Mowing Services.

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